Success Stories

Jimmy’s Testimony

It’s been four years since I lost a close friend to an accidental drug overdose.  I didn’t know how to cope with this loss of my close friend.  Personal guilt and the miserable thoughts of never being able to see my friend again was a challenging experience for me.  My emotions ran high along with my inner personal battles.  I turned to drugs and alcohol to escape my pain and depression.

In the following year my drug abuse was gradually getting worse till I had nothing left.  I lost my job, apartment and my relationships with my friends and family.  My depression became worse and my appetite for drugs increased as a result. I didn’t even know who I was anymore.  I blamed God for ruining my life and taking my friend from me.  I got arrested and put to jail and at that point I realized if I didn’t get help that I would die in the same way my friend did.  When I got out of jail I immediately checked into a detox center.  Now that I was clean I had no place to go.

I burned a lot of bridges with my family and friends so that was not an option.  I was worried that I might start using again if I stayed on the streets.  I could feel my depression and stress was slowly taking over me again.  I went to my father’s house to ask him if I can stay with him and he refused.  I could see the pain in his eyes when he told me no. I left my father’s house with anger and felt betrayed.

Angry and confused I stumbled across a church near my father’s house and with God’s blessing the church was a homeless shelter where you can stay for a night and have a hot meal.  The church had over 40 homeless people that would come every evening for the next months.  They clothed, showered and fed the forgotten.

I went to church every evening and during the day I would look for a job.  I felt God had given me some hope to get my life back on track.  The volunteers at the church were so kind and loving it gave me the positive energy that I was yearning for.  I was blessed that God had given me a place where I could be a man again.  I asked God into my heart and prayed for Him to forgive me for doubting Him.  The following day I asked a pastor at the church if I could be baptized. He accepted my request.

Now I find out that the church was shutting down the shelter in a couple of weeks.  I felt hope was slipping away from me again.  How was I going to get a job without shelter, clean clothes and basic needs?  During my evening stay at the church I met a couple of people who were talking about a Christian transition home called Jubilee Transition House.  I contacted Gerry one of the board members of the Jubilee house and we set up an interview to meet.  With God’s blessing I got accepted to the Jubilee house the same week I found a promising new job.  At my baptism my new brothers at the Jubilee house and my dad was there to see me reborn as a Christian man who will walk along side God.  The Jubilee house is the next chapter in my new life.

Jubilee has taught me to handle situations in a positive manner.  I learned to manage my anger and depression with the counsel of Pastor George who has been my spiritual guide.  Pastor George is the president of the Jubilee house.  I realize that we have all been through some obstacles and hurt in our life and God will challenge us so we can learn how to handle situations the right way.  I have slowly regained the trust of my friends and family.  I speak to those who were in the same situation I was in and I let them know that no matter what God loves them.

When I graduate from the Jubilee house I will have a “master’s degree” in communication, psychology, Bible studies and janitorial work.  Jubilee Transition Home is a place for me to transform from homelessness to self-sufficiency; to love God and each other. Jubilee house is giving me the chance to find myself again with confidence and integrity.  This has been a positive life changing experience for me and with God’s blessing I will see my friend in heaven again.



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