Working together for the greater cause of loving the homeless in our community through these special homes

Vision for Jubilee Transition Homes

WE are committed to helping our homeless population to stabilize their housing and address the issues that lead them into homelessness.

Jubilee Transition Homes are self sustaining and each resident is expected to contribute to the livelihood and welfare of their home.  Residents would be invited to be part of JTH for a period of six to eighteen months with their stated intention of  accomplishing what is necessary in self growth to attain employment, personal healing and grow in greater group dynamics.

JUBILEE TRANSITION HOMES is a place for people to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  These homes will be directly overseen by live in house parent(s) and indirectly managed by the board of directors of JTH with continued direction by the JTH Advisory Board.  JTH have a “no tolerance” policy regarding drugs and alcohol.

UPON leaving JTH, the goal is that our residents have and maintain their own home.

JTH is a Christian ministry in partnership with other community agencies, churches and ministries.  We support the greater cause of seeing our community expressly loving God and each other.  We see our contribution as caring for the needy among us through transitional homes.


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