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Summer Slump

As with many charities – summer giving is down – but the needs of the homeless are year round.  The needs of Jubilee Transitions Homes is year round.

After 6 months of having our doors open, we are finding ourselves in a short term bind. We are striving to get our Jubilee men at a job as best we can and have only one houseguest working full time. We were hoping to get each or our men a job within a few months but because of the economy and other factors we are running out of funds to support the Jubilee House. We are asking each of the men to get 2 applications dropped off in person each day to find any kind of a job they can start immediately. We had several churches supporting us for individual men but that funding has stopped. We are asking for a short term donation of support for two months. During this period we expect the remaining men to accept jobs and then start paying their rent on a regular basis. We are praying that you will consider investing in our men by donating $100 per month for 2 months. By that time, with new jobs and God’s grace, we will be able to sustain ourselves on a regular basis. We have applied for a couple of grants and will keep you informed of the results. There have been many miracles within the house and much growth in all while going through this transitional time in all our lives. Please pray for us and give what you can.

God bless you for what you have done and will be contributing in the future



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